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How does Echosec work?

Search by username, hashtag, keyword, emoji and, of course, location is standard on the Echosec
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Echosec is a new search engine which helps you discover public social media and data.
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Echosec has partnered with Esri, an industry leading GIS solution provider, to leverage their world-class mapping technology and data format for providing map-based information. 
This integreation allows Echosec to offer visualization and data sources alongside the social media search through the Esri open data platform and Esri partner network. 
By default, Echosec is deployed with Esri maps including: ESRI World Street Map, ESRI World Satellite Map, ESRI National Geographic Map and ESRI World Topography Map. Echosec can support, almost, any web based map tile infrastructure.
ALERTS: Echosec Enterprise allows you to set up alert filters to take some of the heavy lifting out of your analysis. Alert filters allow you to define and prioritize keywords in lists for the system to listen for during searches.
500 million Tweets, 80 million Instagram photos and 66 years (576,000 hours) worth of YouTube video is posted online every day